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Jad Ballout presents Beirut's cocktail trends 2017

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Jad Ballout is a shining star on the Beirut bar scene. Bar Manager of Central Station Boutique Bar.

Baklava New Fashion

Homemade baklava elixir and red vermouth with honey syrup.

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Halva Gin Tonic

Homemade banana gin, homemade tahini gin and tonic.

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Maryam Invisible

Homemade Worcestershire sauce vodka, homemade tomato water and cheese brine.

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Modernist Falafel

Homemade falafel vodka, green chartreuse, mastiha, sugar syrup and lemon juice.

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Ottoman’s Secret

London dry gin, white vermouth, yogurt liqueur and pistachio syrup.


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Photo: Fady Nesbe

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