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Dre Masso: The bar industry never stops evolving, that is why it is so interesting

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Pass your guest the menu if you want to get him right without any words.

Learn from your mistakes. Accept blame. It's never easy to admit you've made a mistake, but it's a crucial step in learning, growing, and improving yourself.

I used to run a bar with only one vodka, one gin, one rum, one tequila, one whiskey and one brandy. Our customers didn’t mind at all because all the products were great.

Setting up a bar, remember that expensive spirits are harder to sell and this is dead money for a small business.

You should always be looking at ways to drive more traffic to your bar. It's a very competitive market, so you can't stop pushing.

To be honest, if there are individuals who are not up to scratch, the rest of my bar team will make sure they know about it.

Some young bartenders are overconfident and that sometimes translates to arrogance. What is more important is that they are more interested in the drink than the customer.

Generally speaking, cocktails go very well with food. Mixed drinks with citrus tend to go well with spicy food.

The bar industry never stops evolving, that is why it is so interesting.

Today cocktails are more popular than ever, which is great for our industry!

It is unbelievable, but the poison-arrow frog has enough poison to kill about 2,200 people.


Photo: Margaret Stepien

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