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Laurent Greco: How to get out of a creative crisis?

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Laurent Greco is the owner of Paris' Mojito lab and Perrier's mixology ambassador.


What causes the onset of a crisis?

As a rule, a crisis occurs when you lose customers and aren't getting sales. The ideas that always brought in money have stopped working, and neither new nor old customers like them anymore.

At the same time, competition between bars is on the rise, and business owners in this field are finding new ideas on the Internet and elsewhere every day – so it's hard to surprise our clients.

Seven years ago, I opened Mojito lab. In the beginning, our sales exploded, and then fell sharply. I had to completely rethink the establishment.


What's the difference between a crisis for the owner and for an employee?

The bar owner doesn't have a choice, unlike a bartender or manager. If your manager doesn't put 200% into their work, switch them out.

A bar owner is their own boss, and if they don't make the right decision at the right time, then they lose both customers and money.


How do begin to get out of a crisis situation?

Nothing is forever. Constantly rethink, improve, perfect, and develop your business, without changing the most important things: atmosphere, service, and drinks.

If a crisis has already occurred, calm down and ask yourself the following questions: why aren't we getting any sales? Is everything okay with the service?


Where can you search for strength and inspiration?

Study geography and languages. Travel. Read. Become more interesting to yourself.

He who searches will find. I often observe how magicians work and draw on them for things useful to my work. I love watching pastry chefs work.

The majority of bartenders and establishment owners rarely visit other bars. In overcoming a crisis, watch how your colleagues in other places work. Change things up and get inspired by watching them.


Who can help you get out of a crisis?

I advise hiring a special person for that: a consultant who will give recommendations in an emergency.

Participation in trainings and coaching is a necessary step in every bartender's personal development. A good manager must always be moving ahead.


Is it worth taking part in competitions?

Participation in competitions gives a certain feeling of being in demand. Brands invest money in competitive specialists.

Competition forces a manager or bar owner work on themselves, perfect their work, and incorporate new ideas as they overcome a stagnation.


Can a change of image help you get out of a stagnation?

A bartender is like an actor playing a role. Carefully study your image and appearance, without forgetting to adapt and find the way to approach today's clientele.


Expert: Laurent Greco
Journalist: Adriana Shela
Photo: Laurent Derines

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