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Slava Lankin

Bar codex Slava Lankin

A distrust of your staff kills the bar.

If you are the strongest, most beautiful and bravest — go home, you are drunk.

When I win a billion dollars, I will immediately join an expedition to Mars. There needs to be a good bar on Mars.

The main thing in a bar is the bar itself, on one side the barman, on the other the guests.

Alcohol during work is the enemy. It reduces speed and inappropriately loosens the tongue.

Learning to listen is practically impossible, I think it is a gift.

The ideal guest is a person who comes to an establishment and tries to get a feel of its soul, and not turn it into something from his usual surroundings — karaoke, sushi or a hookah lounge.

The first cocktail that made guests say “wow” like their first kiss.

The worst thing that could happen in my bar is a robbery, it would destroy my world. I would immediately leave to become a gardener.

The ideal barman is like a good child — he wants to make guests happy with tasty drinks and interesting conversation, the owner happy with good profits, friends happy with support and family happy with earnings.

To get a bar-manager drunk, you need another bar-manager and talk about work.

My career is a long journey with ups and downs, victories and defeats, openings and closings.

Try Pedro Manhattan cocktail by Slava Lankin

Try Pedro Manhattan cocktail by Slava Lankin

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