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Jad Ballout

13 years

    Bar codex by Jad Ballout

    Supporting an environment of hospitality: our main priority. It's what makes our customers come back again and again.

    The main secret of a flourishing bar is the presence of a unique concept and memorable atmosphere, both of which fill a specific gap in the market.

    Create your own unique style of cocktail preparation. The latter is what makes a bartender a professional, not the ability to correctly mix the right ingredients.

    Be open, kind, and learn to listen – the cardinal rule when talking with your bar's guests.

    A bartender's clothes must be immaculately clean and neat, as well as put together to conform to the bar's style.

    A good bartender must have a brilliant understanding of people's psychology.

    If a guest is being rude or tactless, give him more attention than the others. Maybe they've just had a rough day.

    There are no irreplaceable people – and no irreplaceable bartenders, either. Don't let your ego control you.

    A successful cocktail menu needn't be extensive.

    Treat your colleagues like your own family. Respect each other's boundaries and try to understand each other.

    Travel more. It increases a bartender's qualifications and expands your worldview.

    Try to stay one step ahead and don't stop developing.

    Don't forget to look into the future: practice more, watch more, and learn new "tricks of the trade."

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