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    Homemade passionfruit wine

    Stuart Morrow’s recipe, for 25 oz: add 0.09 oz of citric acid, 0.09 oz of ascorbic acid, and 0.09 oz of malic acid to 9 oz of Lillet Blanc. Add 2 pcs of ground lime zest and 1.5 oz of cut ginger. Pour in 9 oz of Riesling and 9 oz of passionfruit pulp. Place the resulting mixture in a bag, squeeze the air out with a vacuum, and boil for an hour at 60 ºC. Then place the bag in an ice bath, chill, and let steep for 24 hours. Filter the liquid into a separate bottle and store in the refrigerator.

    Homemade passionfruit wine is perfect to mix with

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