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    Overproof rum

    A spirit of Caribbean produced via vertical distillation of the alcohol obtained from fermented molasses or sugar cane juice. Before blending, it is kept in burnt oak barrels used for bourbon or sherry for at least a year. Not diluted with water, in order to preserve its strength.

    Jesse Vida presents cocktail trends on rum 2018

    Frequently asked questions about cocktails

    What cocktails are in trend now

    The 5 most popular cocktails in the world - Cosmopolitan,50 Shades of Oolong,Daiquiri,Rusty Nail,Vodka with Sprite

    What cocktails are there Overproof rum

    TOP 5 more popular cocktails with Overproof rum - Burning Ferrari,Manoa,Burning Dr. Pepper,Opium Cocktail №1,The 2070 Swizzle

    What is combined with Overproof rum

    In cocktails, Overproof rum goes well with - Dark rum,Aged rum,Coffee liqueur,Pimento dram liqueur,Amaretto liqueur
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