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    Hiroyasu Kayana presents Japan’s cocktail trends of 2018

    The boss and owner of Bar Benfiddich, Hiroyasu Kayama, resembles an alchemist more than a bartender. All the herbs, roots, powders, and distillates are his passion and main elements of his signature style. Judging by the fact that his bar is on the list of 50 best in the world, this master’s cocktails work like love potions.

    Oryzae Sour

    The aspergillus fungus mentioned in the name isn’t something awful, but actually a valuable microorganism. It’s thanks to them that we have sake and soy sauce – let’s drink to that.

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    Ben Fiddich wormwood gimlet

    Hiroyasu Kayama is out of his mind for absinthe, so wormwood always has a place in his cocktails. Incidentally, the master grows the majority of the herbs that he needs for work in his own garden.

    Green Negroni

    This aperitif could become the official drink of vegetarians: its bright herbal taste is all thanks to dozens of plants among its ingredients.

    Perfect Nikka

    The ceremony by which the cocktail is prepared and served betrays its Japanese origins. But theatricality is in fashion all over the world.

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    Lotus cocktail

    In order to appreciate the exquisiteness of the cocktail’s name, you’d have to re-read an encyclopedia article. In many cultures, the lotus is a symbol of purity and strength, and the transparent strength of this sake- and run-based drink is a clear reference to that.

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