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    Scotch whisky

    A Scottish liquor made from barley malt dried over peat grain. It is ground and covered with hot water, then the separated liquid is fermented, distilled three times. The resulting alcohol is mixed and left to mature in oak casks.

    Frequently asked questions about cocktails

    What cocktails are in trend now

    The 5 most popular cocktails in the world - Cosmopolitan,50 Shades of Oolong,Daiquiri,Rusty Nail,Vodka with Sprite

    What cocktails are there Scotch whisky

    TOP 5 more popular cocktails with Scotch whisky - Rusty Nail,Whisky and Pineapple Juice,Whisky on the Rocks,Black Sabbath,Ginger Monkey

    What is combined with Scotch whisky

    In cocktails, Scotch whisky goes well with - Red vermouth,Angostura bitters,Vanilla syrup,Club soda,Ginger beer
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