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    Luca Cinalli presents 2018’s Mediterranean trends

    Bar manager of London’s luxurious Oriole Luca Cinalli doesn’t forget his Italian roots as he comes up with new recipes. Among his favorite ingredients are herbal alcohol, pistachio coffee, and seafood. Luca presents this year’s main Mediterranean trends – especially for

    Lambanog Mule

    A strong, sweet long drink with tropical flavors, mixed with gin, coconut vodka, and ginger beer

    See the recipe

    Black Rock

    A dry, bitter and herbal cocktail with genever. Served on ice.

    See the recipe

    Mare Nostrum

    Gin, spirulina, a little bit of seaweed - and the sea is already bubbling up in your glass.

    See the recipe


    A strong cocktail with vodka and red vermouth, served with foam.

    See the recipe

    Marine Driver

    A berry-flavored, sweet and sour cocktail with gin. Requires a smoking gun.

    See the recipe

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    Photo: Christian Vitelli

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