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Ales Puta

Signature Cocktail
experience 27 years

Bar codex Ales Puta

If you work 12 hours every day and really want to open your own bar — one day the moment will come.

It is very complicated to find common ground with all the guests. Every guest is different.

Your ego is your problem. I don’t like people with a big ego!

Bad intention is the main evil in the bar business.

Over the years, a bartender gains knowledge, friends and enemies. 

Ernest Miller Hemingway was one of the most famous people in the cocktail industry, like Dale DeGroff or Charles Schumann. They are so inspired…

For me it’s easy to work with alcohol all stay sober all the time: I know what I can and what I can not do.

Hard to say what is the role of luck in my life, but I'm lucky with people I've met and places I've visited.

All of us make mistakes, it's life.

Sometimes when I see arrogant and bad people in my bar, I feel close to quitting my bartending career.

First time when I got behind the bar – I’ve had a good feeling. All the time I feel the same.

Photo by Vladimir Weiss specially for

Try [Manhattan after dark] cocktail by [Ales Puta]

Try [Manhattan after dark] cocktail by [Ales Puta]

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