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Jim Meehan

Signature Cocktail
experience 30 years

Bar codex Jim Meehan

Bartending is something that takes years to master, as each day you encounter new situations. If you’re smart: you learn from them.

I believe that people want what’s best for them, but sometimes don’t know what that is. It’s our job as bartenders to help our guests find their way: whether it be their choice of drink or their path in life.

Time is my most valuable commodity: especially now that I have a daughter. For this reason, “free” time is about as misleading as “spare” change.

A cocktail menu should reflect and reinforce the concept of the bar. I suggest a concise menu for the opening: it’s much easier to add than subtract offerings for your guests.

I don’t like artificially colored or flavored spirits. Spirits that taste like candy, fruits or other flavors don’t require my talents: and I don’t require them either.

Mature bartenders may lack the energy and enthusiasm of younger bartenders, but if their heart is in the right place, they’re my favorite to drink with.

Watching people abuse drugs and alcohol: it’s sad.

Many people expect bartenders to drink cocktails like athletes drink Gatorade or chefs eat food. When you get a little older, the hangovers are worse, and the cumulative effect of drinking takes it’s toll on your liver.

If you see my smile, it’s because I’m genuinely happy or amused.

No one forces you to be a bartender or waiter… you shouldn’t take the job if you don’t take pleasure in serving others.

Try East-indian negroni cocktail by Jim Meehan at Pdt Bar

Try East-indian negroni cocktail by Jim Meehan at Pdt Bar

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