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Arno van Eijmeren

Signature Cocktail
experience 20 years

Bar codex Arno van Eijmeren

There is no difference for me between the trading of alcohol or oil, the first just tastes better. Actually, Dutchmen started the biggest trading company in 1602.

Just give your guests a run for their money.

It's all about making bartending an internationally recognized profession.

Being a bartender is the best thing that could ever have happened to me!

Probably the only thing bartenders expect from me is their salary, because they themselves are completely responsible for the bar. Basically they can do whatever they want.

To be completely honest, the only way to do different things that I love every day is to have a great team supporting me. Without them this wouldn't be possible.

I have no experience with pregnancy, but setting up a bar is a long, long process.

The ideal cocktail is one that you can drink it all night long.

When you fall off a bar stool, you just had too many. Falling from the bar itself means you at least had a good time!

My worst nightmares are frozen pipes, a flood in the basement and a falling ceiling in the bar.

Just be confident, if you want to turn your bartender’s career into a fairy tale.

Try La vida pura cocktail by Arno Van Eijmeren

Try La vida pura cocktail by Arno Van Eijmeren

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