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Martin Cate

Signature Cocktail
experience 20 years

Bar codex Martin Cate

The best way that a bar manager's day can start is when everything you ordered is delivered completely and on time!

The strongest drink we have is Zombie, but no one believes us… until it's too late.

We're here to enjoy great drinks, not to contemplate them.

To become a good bartender, one needs a passion for service, a great memory, and the ability to multitask.

One of the most common mistakes among guests is thinking that rum is for mixing only. There are a lot of fine and diverse rums for enjoying neat.

The line between art and business is a fine one — certainly there are some ingredients and glassware that I would love to use, but it would make the drinks too expensive for the guest.

I won't go on and on about rum unless my guests are interested and ask first.

Drink fads come and go, but quality service, an inviting atmosphere, a welcome and convivial escape from life will be in first place forever.

I hope fresh citrus juice never goes out of style again.

From my guests, I don't expect anything but “hello”, “please” and “thank you”, and leaving under one's own power.

The level of a bartender's modesty can be measured by eye contact, verbal greeting and a smile.

Eye contact, verbal greeting and a smile are enough to understand a bartender's level.

Going back to when I was 20, I would probably get into the hospitality industry sooner than I did.

A great tiki bar doesn't need an idol. The experience should be enough.

Try Swizzle 2070 cocktail by Martin Cate

Try Swizzle 2070 cocktail by Martin Cate

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