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Adam Gradziel & Jakub Kozlowski

experience 21 years

Bar codex by [Adam Gradziel & Jakub Kozlowski]

Jakub Kozlowski (J. K.) If someone would ask me in the future how much «Kita Koguta» cost, I'll be glad to respond: «Sorry, my bar is not for sale».

Adam Gradziel (A. G). Forget about peace when own your bar. Even if there's nothing wrong going on, something would definitely happen.

J. K. I often imagine what would happen to my business if prohibition would be announced. There were some cases in the history.

A. G. Quoting one of the songs - «The cash hasn't connected us so the cash won't separate us». Each of us is crazy in some way and our pair is really unpredictable.

J. K. The key to success of «Kita Koguta» is not a specific liquid but people who works here and create the atmosphere. Without their creativity and personality my bar wouldn't survive in Warsaw.

A. G. Nothing is impossible. Every desire is a personal thing. Me and Jakub have decided to collect million of our guest's smiles.

J. K. Stop thinking that you are a bartender. Try to be a good host.

A. G. There are many places that can be named «Bartender's Eden» and If I’ve ever wanted an easy option I could travel to other countries. My utopia is here, in Poland, in the country that disrespected the profession of the bartender completely several years ago.

A. G. A contract of employment is a completely exotic document for Polish bar industry.

J. K. My time-management is all about finding few hours to get some sleep and I must admit, I'm doing some progress in this field.

A. G. My time-management is a systematic learning for me.

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