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Sebastian Garcia

Signature Cocktail
experience 20 years

Bar codex Sebastian Garcia

In my opinion, there should be twice the amount of women than men in a bar. It is an essential strategy in a successful bar.

You are born with bartending. Our life is quite different from a normal one. Whoever chooses this profession knows they carry it within.

Bar success is in offering what others don’t.

How many bartenders are needed to cope with a busted pipe in a bar? Two. I like team work.

One starts thinking as a bar manager when he stops thinking about cocktails only and begins to devote his time to the backbone of this business.

Meet the customer’s expectations with the added value of offering more than what is expected.

PR plays an important role in a bartender's career, since it links the bar business with customers.

When new guests arrive at the bar and they don’t know the style of cocktails you prepare, the first impression they have depends exclusively on their aesthetic.

Sometimes, we need to rest to renew energies, and to throw ourselves into creativity for new ideas.

Communication is the most important factor in a bar. Thanks to successful communication, we can focus on processes.

Try [Amore milano] cocktail by [Sebastian Garcia]

Try [Amore milano] cocktail by [Sebastian Garcia]

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