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Jose Luis Leon

Signature Cocktail
experience 18 years

Bar codex Jose Luis Leon

Any bar needs unwritten rules.

When your freedom violates the freedom of others it's time to go home.

The limit of my abilities depends on my ability to dream.

Inspiration is everything. Luca Cinalli inspires me at work, once you get to know him personally you realise what happens when you dedicate your life to something. I also love the style of Simone Caporale, the elegance of Erik Lorincz and David Cordoba, the ideas and vision of life of Stanislav Vadrna and the opinion of Michael Menegos.

People who think that bartending can be a passenger's work really piss me off.

Information is power. Only in this way can one be able to offer a good choice to make the customer happy.

In this profession, creativity should never be limited, but should be directed.

If I had the chance, I would choose Bar Refaeli to be her personal bartender.

The day I get my own bar, I will look for a bar manager who is passionate about service and loves it, as I do.

The difference between winning and every-day cocktails is that the second ones are real. I think that effort should be directed to preparing drinks for customers every day.

Success in the bar industry is based on three pillars: passion, honesty and hard work.

A bartender’s salary is very low in Mexico, that’s why many people are dedicated to finding the hot spots to work for a while.

I find it offensive and distressing to comment on or correct my bartenders' work while they are on duty.

Fight for what you love!

Try [El bizzcoti] cocktail by [Jose Luis Leon]

Try [El bizzcoti] cocktail by [Jose Luis Leon]

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