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Kazuo Uyeda

Signature Cocktail
experience 58 years

Bar codex Kazuo Uyeda

I depend on ice for 100%.

Hospitality is above all else.

Only good taste can help you attain an ideal cocktail.

I don't think it is possible to appreciate bartenders' professionalism relying only on years spent behind the bar.

It’s about the manager’s ability to open a great bar.

Take a look at the goods in the bar to understand whether it is good or not.

There is no difference between bar manager, bar owner and bartender in Japan.

Bars without individuality, for example those lacking a special policy or original cocktails, never become popular.

For me there is no difference between regular guests and tourists.

To gain a guest's forgiveness, you just need to apologise from the bottom of your heart.

If you want to know more about cocktail culture in Japan, please come to my bar and let's talk.

Try [Mr. uyeda's gimlet] cocktail by [Kazuo Uyeda]

Try [Mr. uyeda's gimlet] cocktail by [Kazuo Uyeda]

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