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Paolo de Venuto

Signature Cocktail
experience 17 years

Bar codex Paolo de Venuto

I decided to become a bartender because I always wanted to travel all over the world and speak several languages. That’s exactly what happened!

The most beautiful part of my job is being a part of a big international community. No matter what city you come to, you are greeted joyfully. The worst thing of all is doing inventory.

If you have a good boss and a team that you can rely on, then work will bring you joy even on the hardest days.

When people come to one of the “50 best bars in the world,” they are even more prepared than usual for experiments and always want to try something out of the ordinary.

Of course, working in a bar at a big hotel is great: a big budget, lots of opportunities. But there are a lot of rules, too.

When I go to a bar on a day off, I always order Johnnie Walker Black and water. Actually, I really don’t drink much.

When I came to Japan, my style changed completely. Everything I use in my work now, I learned there.

I often take inspiration from shows and videos with famous chefs, pictures on Pinterest, and food markets.

My favorite trick? Whenever I’m pouring a guest whisky, for example, I look him in the eye and top off their glass a little bit more. That’s how I let them know that I’m doing something special just for them. The guest will always leave a bigger tip.

You just need to do, without being afraid. If you’re going to doubt yourself, someone will absolutely show you up.

Signature Hit Paolo de Venuto cocktail The smoke cloud

Signature Hit Paolo de Venuto cocktail The smoke cloud

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