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Shawn Soole

Signature Cocktail
experience 29 years

Bar codex Shawn Soole

If you truly want to achieve your dream, then you’ll have to tighten your belt for the next few years. If we’re talking specifically about a bar, I recommend living on your wages and saving your tips.

Cash flow, regardless of any other indicators of profit, is what keeps your business afloat. Money is something that people in the restaurant business often count wrong.

Bartenders expect more from a bar manager than bar managers expect from themselves. But you have to demand the same from them in response.

As general manager of a bar, I don’t have the right to be weak, though there are a lot of things that I’m not sure about. Your staff should see a strong person who knows his craft.

I hate dealing with drunks. If you can’t hold your drink, don’t drink! The ability to drink respectably is much more important than the amount you can take in.

Between opening a new bar and childbirth, I don’t see any difference. All you have to do is think that the worst is behind you before you’ll have to buckle down yet again.

The most common question that I have to answer: what exactly do I do for a job?

Your first kiss, unlike your first cocktail, is impossible to forget.

Arguing with the bar’s owner is a bad idea.

A bar makes money both from those who order beer and those who order Cristal.

If you arrive 15 minutes early, that means you arrived on time.

I have yet to do two things: try every possible concept for a bar, and relax.

My workdays usually start at 9 in the morning with a paperwork review, and ends at 1 AM.

After work, I watch “The Simpsons” and drink beer with whiskey – it helps me relieve stress.

Try Drunk uncle cocktail by Shawn Soole

Try Drunk uncle cocktail by Shawn Soole

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