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Timo Janse

Signature Cocktail
experience 20 years

Bar codex Timo Janse

First of all, a speakeasy is patience. Guests don't appear from the opening, but if service is good, more and more will come.

When I work at the bar, behind my smile there is always a perfectionist who focuses on speed, efficiency and a perfect set-up.

You can forgive yourself for being too tough with staff, but never for losing control of the amount of served drinks or freeloading “friends”. This is the fatal mistake.

I'm a big believer in the idea that every aggressive situation can be avoided or defused, but I'm human and still learning.

A bartender's three mortal sins: ego, discrimination and lack of being in touch.

Guests' tastes in cocktails change thanks to bartenders, who create them.

Being shy is much better than being overly proud.

Eagerness, honesty, personality, great ideas and diligence help you win cocktail competitions.

I prefer to spend weekends at home cuddling with my wife.

My parents love seeing me in magazines. I hear from others that they are quite proud.

I hope that I will die working behind the bar as an old man.

I try to create one new cocktail fan every day!

Try The fruit loop cocktail by Timo Janse

Try The fruit loop cocktail by Timo Janse

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