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Yared Hagos

Signature Cocktail
experience 25 years

Bar codex Yared Hagos

You can open your own bar for money, but not for wealth.

Bar business is people business!

The only thing I've lost during my career is the value of a compliment.

Alcohol should always be kept as a pleasure.

There are no special academies for bar owners.

Visiting bartenders' courses, people learn to deal with their counter and not how to deal with their customers.

To open a bar, you need to be skilled in economics, marketing, staff management and hospitality.

To gain bartender's wisdom one should listen and constantly improve oneself.

It is difficult to name the most drinking profession in the world, but I would say that every professional who works hard and has long hours, drinks a lot.

First of all, design very often reflects the character and philosophy of the people standing behind the bar.

Bar investors differ from stock exchange investors in their idealism and emotions.

I would never hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to work in my bar.

If you gathered all bartenders in one bar, for sure it is going to be sex, drugs and a huge ego show!

Try Berry mule cocktail by Yared Hagos

Try Berry mule cocktail by Yared Hagos

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