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Charles Schumann

Signature Cocktail
experience 51 years

Bar codex Charles Schumann

Alcohol is definitely cooler than perfume.

Perfect cocktails come from passion and professionalism.

A bartender is a person who leads a bar, he is not only mixing cocktails – he is responsible for the bar.

We try to have a team in our bar, and being just a good bartender is not enough to get in.

In Schumann's bar we prefer a perfect outfit in the bar, and behind it.

If you love your profession you'll always have the opportunity to succeed.

For sure I'm more connected to the shaker than to the mobile phone. And the most part of my life I've spent with the shaker.

It is better not to discuss anything with ladies because they can misunderstand everything.

I am a happy man when I am boxing.

One day fame may come if you try to be modest and perfect in your modest work.

If your bar went bankrupt – take holidays finally.

Professionalism should be in everything you do.

Try Charles sazerac cocktail by Charles Schumann

Try Charles sazerac cocktail by Charles Schumann

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