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Bar Shira

Signature Cocktail
experience 23 years

Bar codex Bar Shira

Be extraordinary so that patrons would want to invest in you.

Some people have skills, others have extra money. That's a good combination.

It is difficult to cut people off gently when they are talking and then go to do your job while giving them the feeling they've said what they wanted.

The main pleasure of managing your own bar is the ability to get recognition for your passion.

What guests are actually paying for in bars is an experience, they need to feel as if they entered a bubble in which their regular mundane life has ceased to exist and they are in a different and magical place and time.

The thing that seems easiest, but which is really the most difficult, is being easy going when you have so many things on your mind, making multiple cocktails, cleaning, delivering food and picking up empty plates, taking money and orders from guests while making chit chat and smiling and making it look easy.

The best shoes for bartenders are Blundstone boots.

What I dislike in my job is lack of time. As a bar owner you work day and night.

I would prefer that either bar schools did not exist or they were really professional doing six months' intense training every day.

The basic person-to-person connection — either you have it or you don't.

I dislike the term “mixologist”. Yes, I create drinks, make syrups and tinctures. But first and foremost I'm a bartender and committed to the experience of my guests.

The best start of a bar manager's day is having your first coffee and taking a tour of the bar and storage to see everything is clean and neat.

Try Cross country cocktail by Bar Shira

Try Cross country cocktail by Bar Shira

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