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Dave Mitton

Signature Cocktail
experience 28 years

Bar codex Dave Mitton

Keep your ego off the menu and give the customer what they want.

There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to customer service.

Cocktails and music for sure have one thing in common — both can remove inhibitions.

The start of being a great bartender comes with being friendly and engaging.

I certainly wasn’t one of the cool kids growing up here in small-town Canada.

You are constantly on stage and must entertain your guests while giving the best service possible.

If ever asked to produce a movie about Canadian bartenders, I would definitely call it “Bottoms Up”.

Like many chefs with dishes, many bartenders create cocktails derived from classic cocktails. This has been the way for years. Now you’re seeing some bartenders or bar chefs incorporating techniques from the kitchen in their new creations.

Fame, popularity, notoriety are temporary. True friendship and love should always be eternal.

Try Ronald clayton cocktail by Dave Mitton

Try Ronald clayton cocktail by Dave Mitton

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