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Zdenek Kastanek & Michael D. Callahan

Signature Cocktail
experience 24 years

Bar codex Zdenek Kastanek & Michael D. Callahan

Michael D. Callahan (M.C.) Awareness and flexibility make the bar successful.

Zdenek Kastanek (Z.K.) Our guests are actually paying for a mind clean-up without the dish clean-up.

M.C.: My brother works in a medical field and my Pop’s always tells his friends: “I have one son that can fix my body, and one son that can fix my soul”.

Z.K.: Definitely being behind the bar is a great deal responsibility.

M.C.: Train your money to stop jumping out of your pocket and they get there in the first place. You will soon notice a significant increase in your wallet bulge. 

Z.K.: Ideal guest is a real gentleman or lady — not a dress image, but in terms of manners.

M.C.: Authenticity has a way of winning over the right people, that and tequila. 

Z.K.: My longest shift lasted for 54 hours and 2 countries involved.

M.C.: Read pastry chef blogs to overcome creative block. The flavor and texture combinations they work with are astounding in creativity and balance. 

Z.K.: Let’s just say that it is not easy to work with alcohol and stay sober all the time. It is absolutely crucial tough.

M.C.: I want professionals of the industry to remember me as a bartender’s bartender who did it for smiles and for the chat.

Z.K.: Lead you staff by example.

M.C.: If tomorrow I would be the last male on the Earth — I will call my bar “The Last Chance Saloon”.

Z.K.: Behind every great bartender there is always a better woman and it’s probably the hardest job. On the other hand we know best hotels, bars and restaurants all around the world and when its time to give back, our ladies get treated like royalty.

Try La hermosa cocktail by Zdenek Kastanek & Michael D. Callahan

Try La hermosa cocktail by Zdenek Kastanek & Michael D. Callahan

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