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Fabien Marcault

Signature Cocktail
experience 22 years

Bar codex Fabien Marcault

If a bar would ever have a soul, it would definitely go to Heaven.

Bartenders who show off are the main enemies of bar culture.

Mixology is gained experience, which becomes a talent after.

Rum is like oil nowadays. More and more customers want to be educated about this fantastic spirit.

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask the experienced staff and make mistakes. A good manager will always back up new bartenders.

You can be patient with a rude guest until he doesn’t respect the staff and the premises or simply the guests, by swearing or throwing money or touching girls.

Optimists are more common to manage a bar.

I don't mind bars getting married to brands. But isn't it fun to have something new to play with?

Bartending helped me to be a lot less shy in front of people.

Bars exist to help people escape, forget, have fun and meet people.

Reading books or just using the internet is enough for a bartender to learn without studying at a school.

The ideal bartender's girlfriend should be patient about the long working hours, be trustful and, of course, like to have a drink sometimes.

In comparison with movies, my life is like “Cocktail”, the movie that made me get started.

Try Tiki master cocktail by Fabien Marcault

Try Tiki master cocktail by Fabien Marcault

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