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Olivier Jacobs

Signature Cocktail
experience 23 years

Bar codex Olivier Jacobs

The main evil in the bar business is money, just like everywhere else. I'd love to be able just to give everything away and create whatever I want.

You shouldn't forget anything when you open your bar. Make sure you're in control and you don't forget that you are living.

A good balance is the key in everything.

Don't be too confident. Keep questioning yourself. Be prepared for the worst.

Treat your guests well so they have reason to come back.

Everybody is welcome as long as they are polite. Respect works in both ways.

Happy guests make me strong.

Alcohol can be a dangerous drug so I think it's necessary to understand and be aware of what we are working with.

Not a single bartender can not be ready for... Cleaning the toilets.

Keep it positive!

Overall a lot of bars try to work with local and organic products, which is a good thing. So jenever and beer are used a lot, our local heritage.

If your bar went bankrupt, there are options: start again, work as a brand ambassador, take a plane to Hawaii. Just joking. I don't know and I really don't want to know!

It happens sometimes that ladies come to the bar just to pick me up; unfortunately for them I am always going home with the same one. And even if I was interested, by the time I am finished they 'd be sleeping anyhow...

Try De ghentsche moale cocktail by Olivier Jacobs

Try De ghentsche moale cocktail by Olivier Jacobs

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