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Chris Hannah

Signature Cocktail
experience 29 years

Bar codex Chris Hannah

Cocktails should be enjoyed buy the person who is paying for them, it isn't about those who’s making them.

Remember – bartending is a service, and we're in the service industry.

Even if you are a «star» already, keep working behind the bar showing that instead bartender can be a career.

We as bartenders make sours and slings and have been doing so for almost 200 years. I think that nothing will change in another 100 years.

Amaro is real liquid super-hero.

In case of force majeure keep a cool head, smile and give a reassuring feeling to the room that everything is going to be alright.

I advise never to get drunk behind the bar.

It's cheeky, but I still stir all of my syrups and cordials with my wooden muddler when cooking them.

Always begin making drink with the least expensive ingredient. That was my first lesson behind the bar.

If the guest have not tipped – it’s just the way it goes. Never judge and take the good with the bad.

Try Arnaud's french 75 cocktail by Chris Hannah

Try Arnaud's french 75 cocktail by Chris Hannah

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