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Karl Too & Shawn Chong

Signature Cocktail
experience 18 years

Bar codex Karl Too & Shawn Chong

Karl Too (K.T.) Passion usually determines dream.

Shawn Chong (S. C.) You can copy the idea, but not love and passion hat goes into making each drink.

K.T. Take the same guest as your new guest.

K.T. There is justice. Every our guest gets the same quality in drinks and service.

S. C. You can forget that your mind will ever «take off» on your own bar. Yes, you can have off days where you think less of it but your mind is always on your business.

K.T. A quiet night in the bar is my worst nightmare, cause it feels like a disease without a deadline.

S. C. Be in the moment. I suppose that using smartphones should be forbidden in all bars around the world.

S. C. Sometimes opportunity shows itself to you before you are actually ready. When that happens, you got to do all in your ability to grab it to give your dream a chance to become a reality.

K.T. As longer bar desk gets as more awesome cocktail stuff you can find on it.

S. C. Stress relief - have a drink, have some food, go home and sleep.

K.T. Every cowboy might be a robber.

K.T. Fame? It would come to me after death.

S. C. If I ever win 1 billion dollar lottery - I would go on a luxury holiday around the world for a year.

Try Earl grey gimlet cocktail by Karl Too & Shawn Chong

Try Earl grey gimlet cocktail by Karl Too & Shawn Chong

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