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Aki Wang

Signature Cocktail
experience 29 years

Bar codex Aki Wang

Mixology is an art with a long heritage.

When things change, life is just pushing you to learn something.

The best cocktail is always served by a human hand and with warmth from the heart.

Give your bartenders passion and they will learn everything themselves. It is true that hungry bartenders work better.

It is impossible to manage 100 bars at once.

My company is a big family with one faith — so we never worry about trust.

Time goes by and we have to follow it, but history is always worth remembering.

Be self-effacing. The world is big, keep learning from different cultures and then you will respect them.

If you want to be a perfect bartender, just try to ask the guests in front of you what they do or do not like, and only after that do your best to satisfy them.

A bar manager has to give bartenders the freedom to act and create while respecting the rules.

If you treat guests sincerely you will always be repaid.

Keep progressing.

Try Taiwan tea-ni cocktail by Aki Wang

Try Taiwan tea-ni cocktail by Aki Wang

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