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Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Signature Cocktail
experience 27 years

Bar codex Jeffrey Morgenthaler

A bad bartender cannot manage a good bar.

Luck plays a big part in the bartenders' profession. For me, at least.

I don't think that a cocktail menu is a necessity in a bar, but most people expect them these days.

I have a very complex system of spreadsheets that I use to manage pricing and inventory. Some of them I've even shared on my website so that other bar managers can take advantage of the work I've already done.

Nowadays I would like to have a drink with Trader Vic.

Remaining calm has always been my method to cope with crisis. It shows that you're in charge and can keep your cool in any situation.

I play guitar and read to relieve stress after work.

When I choose a bar to work in, a big important thing for me is the ownership and management. There's no substitute for working for quality people.

At our bar, we always say it takes at least six months for a bartender to get really comfortable.

Read as many books as you can. Information on the internet can often be untrustworthy, so seek out authors such as Simon Difford, Gary Regan, Dale DeGroff and David Wondrich.

There is only one real way to encourage a sad guest — a big smile, a warm reception and a perfect drinking and dining experience.

To gain a guest's trust, a bartender needs to give him a consistently good product and great service.

Try Bourbon renewal cocktail by Jeffery Morgenthaler

Try Bourbon renewal cocktail by Jeffery Morgenthaler

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