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Stuart Morrow

Signature Cocktail
experience 22 years

Bar codex Stuart Morrow

The main thing that’s changed in the 16 years that I’ve worked in the industry are the guests. They’ve become more adventurous. Today, they come a bar not just to drink, but to discover something new.

Nobody will come back to your bar again and again just because it’s on some list. People come back for the attention that we devote to them.

Yes, if we’re being honest, we just help people get drunk. But I believe that we’re nevertheless making these people’s lives a little happier.

We’re not a haute-cuisine restaurant – we should never under any circumstances treat our guests formally.

If someone tells me that they don’t like whisky, I respond that they just haven’t found the right one yet.

At one point, I took flair bartending very seriously. Now, if I ever use those skills, I only do it a little – just some easy shaker and bottle tossing, nothing more than that. Guests like watching it. But juggling drinks in the middle of a bar is just too much for me now.

For me, it’s really important to look good behind the bar. A striking bartender is just as important as a clean floor or nice glasses.

When I go to a bar after work or on my day off, I always order something simple: beer, wine, or some basic cocktail. I just want to relax, not judge everything like a professional.

I usually don’t get stressed at work. Of course, I have rough days, but in the majority of situations, I’m absolutely calm and enjoy myself.

I think that treating bartenders like superstars is a little excessive. But on the other hand, if you get the credit that you deserve and admiration for what you really do well – that’s great, isn’t it?

Try [Ben buckler] cocktail by [Stuart Morrow]

Try [Ben buckler] cocktail by [Stuart Morrow]

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