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Ago Perrone

Signature Cocktail
experience 24 years

Bar codex Ago Perrone

To share is to care.

The basis of a bartender's charisma is being fun, serious, honest with yourself and professional at the same time.

I prefer to find solutions rather than lose time being upset.

Fame does not exist if you are grounded and work for your goals.

The only price I will never pay for success is my own personality.

It is a long-term process to make your guests fall in love with cocktail culture.

Work smart and be a good mentor for people around you.

I don’t understand lazy people, but you need to know when to relax.

Fatal mistakes at bartender’s competitions are showing off and not reading the rules properly.

A good bartender is a future excellent bar manager.

Cocktail culture in England is a very good blend of different styles, you can learn a lot from it...

Being a bartender is a dream job that allows you to meet people, travel and learn about different cultures.

I still remember my first day in the bar. I think I made a shaken coffee with a dash of almond liqueur… it is still in my mind!

There is nothing better than having love for what you do and seeing that you make people happy!

Try Mr. priseman's cocktail by Ago Perrone

Try Mr. priseman's cocktail by Ago Perrone

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